Monday, 21 October 2013

Kesari Rajbhog- Saffron flavored Stuffed Rasgullas for SFC#1

Eid holidays are over and hence the 'shor sharaba'! We had ten days holiday this time and all of us had a blast.  But at the same time, a little bit exhausted too.. I'm too tired to tell you how I feel now or to post any recipe. But I can't wait and 25 minutes more left to yet another day before which I've to post my SFC challenge #1. I've been waiting for this special day , but I was too busy with guests,holiday,school reopening and on top of that my li'l one turned 2 today, Alhamdu lillah! Time goes by really fast and kids grow up fast too. It seems like yesterday I was holding my newborn in my arms and now she has grown up to sing her birthday song all by herself, Masha Allah!

Sweet Fantasy Club is a group managed by Preeti of Simply Tadka wherein, we members post 2 recipes a month- one desi and other international. Rajbhog is a delicious dessert made with Chenna (mashed paneer) and stuffed with Khoya which is later cooked and served in syrup. A succulent recipe to be start with. 

Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor

Chenna/ Cottage Cheese 250 g/2 cups* recipe ahead
Refined Flour/ Maida 1 tsp
 Semolina 1 tsp
Pistachios 15, Blanched and sliced
Almonds 12, Blanched and sliced
Green Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
Sugar 4 cups
Saffron Strands 7 strands
Mawa/Khoya 3 tbsp (made from 1 litre of milk)* recipe ahead
Rose water 2 tsp
1.Soak pistachios and almonds in hot water for 5 minutes, blanch and slice into pieces.

2.Mix khoya, rosewater ,cardamom and these nuts all together and keep it aside for stuffing.Divide into 14 equal parts.

3.Chenna until smooth and mix in flour and semolina. Divide into 14 equal parts .

4.Take one ball of Chenna, make a well in the centre and stuff one ball of khoya mixture inside. Cover and shape this into a ball.

5. Repeat this until all of the chenna and khoya balls are used up.

6.Bring 3 cups of water and sugar into a boil and make thin sugar syrup.

7.Pour 2-3 tbsp of milk into the syrup and remove scum, if any and add cardamom powder and saffron in syrup. You can add yellow color too.

8.Turn flame to high and add stuffed chenna balls into sugar syrup. Cook for 15 minutes in high flame until they are double in size. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of hot water if syrup turns thick in between.

Refrigerate and serve chilled.

How to make Chenna:

Boil 2 litres of milk and switch off the flame. Let it cool for a minute. Add 2 tbsp of vinegar or lemon juice to it. The milk starts curdling at this time. You can add more if needed. Strain this milk into a muslin cloth. Pour ice cold water into it and hang for about half an hour or so till all the water drains up. This step is very important. The rasgullas may break if there is moisture in Chenna.

How to make Khoya:

Boil 1 litre of milk in a thick bottomed pan. Keep cooking in slow flame till it turns to semi-solid.  All the water should be dried up.Keep on stirring to avoid burning at the bottom.


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