Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Homemade Mascarpone

Mascarpone cheese is so easy and ridiculously cheap when homemade with just two ingredients. You get the same or a better texture than the shop bought one if you follow the instructions carefully. Also those in India find it difficuilt to get these kind of cheese and I hope this post might help them too. TiramisuTiramisu cupcakePound Cake Tiramisu and many other desserts could be enjoyed more deliciously than before.


(yields 150g)
Fresh Cream (Amul/Puck/Al marai etc.) 2 cups
Lemon Juice                                            1  tbsp


1. Keep ready the bowl, strainer and a piece of cheesecloth or the kind.
2. Heat cream in a saucepan till bubble appears at the edges.

3.Add lemon juice to it and keep on stirring until the cream sticks to the ladle like in the picture. It won't split as in making paneer.Don't forget to scrape the bottom and sides while stirring. You may otherwise use doubleboiler to do this.
4. Switch off the flame and pour this onto the cloth which is kept on the strainer. Cover with the cloth and refrigerate for 24hours.
5. This is how it looks the next day. Mascarpone Cheese is all set to go into all your delectable desserts.


  1. mind blowing clicks.. looks too yummy:)

  2. Nothing can beat homemade cheese na, prefect smooth mascarpone.

  3. The cheese looks really creamy and lovely :) on my to do list and thank you for sharing the recipe :)

  4. I always make it at home it looks wonderful

  5. Lovely pics Hasna! And yes, it is definitely worth making the mascarpone at home without any extra nasty ingredients.

  6. wow..wish i scoopu it up..lovely clicks..

  7. Creamy and smooth just like the store bought. Great recipe.

  8. wow... this looks really good dear... gotta try...